After having to cancel their Paris gig in November 2015 because of the terrorist attacks, Walk The Moon finally came back to France on Sunday. Even before the start of the show, some fans went though the queue offering to put some colourful makeup on people to match the band’s aesthetic. This alone shows the true aim of the band. “You came here strangers, but strangers you are no longer. These people around you are now your family, brothers, sisters and everything in between” said singer Nicholas Petricca between two songs.

The concert started at 9:30 with the opening act Colony House a rock band from Tennessee. Their energy and upbeat music quickly convinced the audience, who was happily headbanging along. After a short set they left the stage, leaving the crowd to wait for Walk The Moon.

There was no downtime during the concert, from the moment the band stepped onto the stage to the tune of The Circle of Life to the very last song, Anna Sun, one of the first songs they ever wrote. It was hard to tell who was happier – the fans or the band. They used their songs to deliver a very cheerful message to the fans. During their song I Can Lift A Car for instance – a fan favourite – they asked to imagine all negative emotions and to just pretend to lift them over your head and let them go, in time with the music.
Although they mostly played songs from their last record Talking Is Hard, there was a few older songs thrown in the mix as well for a very energetic and positive setlist that made all fans happy.


Circle of Life
1 Jenny
2 Sidekick
3 Avalanche
4 Different Colors
5 Tightrope
6 Down in the Dumps
7 Spend Your $$$
8 Up 2 U
9 Work This Body
10 Portugal
11 Aquaman
12 Lisa Baby
13 I Can Lift A Car
14 Shut Up and Dance

15 Shiver Shiver
16 Iscariot
17 Anna Sun