Halsey saw big for her very first show in France, and she was right to. The Cigale sold out very fast for the last concert of the European leg of her tour, and fans enthusiastically let her take us on a journey into her Badlands.

The support act, BØRNS, does a great job at leading us towards Halsey’s aesthetic. The indie-pop musician from Michigan fits perfectly with Halsey’s style and we understand right away why he is touring with her. A great way to start the evening and welcome the star of the night.

When she finally comes on stage, the crowd goes wild. Earlier, we had tried to guess what the first song would be, but I am surprised when it turns out to be Gasoline, which I would’ve pictured later in the set. Surprised yes, but nevertheless delighted as it is one of the fans’ favourite: the connexion between Halsey and the spectators is immediate. The staging is flawless, and the projections on the screen behind the singer seem to act as the background for a painting of which Halsey and her band are the main subjects.  Every song has its own atmosphere thanks to the amazing play on lightings, and it’s wonderful.

Halsey finally greets us after a few songs –Hold Me Down, Castle– and tells us a bit more about herself. A few words of French, including the poem in Colors, have the crowd go mad. Just before Roman Holiday, she leaves the stage to her pianist who proposes to her girlfriend to a thunderous applause. Suddenly, we all become invested in this couple’s happiness, who chose to share this moment of their lives with us.

Halsey’s show reflects her perfectly: it’s full of colours and hope. Before the encore, she sings New Americana, a hymn to our generation, and we realise how incredible her performance is. The evening ends with Young God and we want to ask for more. We feel like we could move mountains and conquer the world.


1 Gasoline

2 Hold Me Down

3 Castle

4 Strange Love

5 Haunting

6 Roman Holiday

7 Control

8 Drive

9 Ghost

10 Is There Somewhere

11 Hurricane

12 Colors pt. II

13 Colors

14 New Americana


15 Young God